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Abrasive Disc Brush

Abrasive Disc Brush

We are known for offering a wide range of premium quality Abrasive Disc Brush. The Abrasive Disc Brush offered by us is used for several applications like edge radiusing, improving texture characteristics on machined or ground surfaces and deburring flat machine surfaces, punched components and face-milled castings or forgings. The entire range of Abrasive Disc Brush is known for its durability, sturdiness and usefulness.

Used For :
  • Edge radiusing
  • Improving texture characteristics on machined or ground surfaces
  • Deburring flat surfaces on machines
  • Deburring punched components
  • Deburring face-milled castings or forgings

Available Types : Tufted Style (light deburring)

Minimum Order Quantity : 4 units

Our brushes are maed with 100% DUPONT TYNEX A filaments. Vast product range variation in filament material, #80 to# 320 std grits, coarse grits and fine grits, size, and shapes to cater each individual need separately Adaptable to all standard machining centers viz. VMC, HMC, FMC, CNC,planetary heads deburring m/c and Robots & Automation to suit the standard holders.

General Features of Disc Brush
  • DISC brushes are particularly suitable for DeBurring, burr generated by milling cutters, fine blanked products on any flat and sizable recessed components made from any metals, non-metals and composite.
  • Cost effective and ideal for custom designed machines
  • Remove or reduce the Milling marks.

Disc Brush Specification
  • Diameter : All Disc Brush are available from 50mm to 300mm diameter as standard. Higher diameter is also available as per customer and job requirement
  • GRITS : available from 36,46,60,80,120,180,240,320,400,500 and 1000

Working Height : 10 TO 30MM

Filament Dia. : It varies Depending upon grit and filament type . Normal standard grits of Silicon carbide are available in 0.5 to 1.4 mm thickness as a Standard & Non Standard on Request.

  • Removing burrs, blending tool marks and finishing flat machined surfaces
  • Punched Components, where heavy burrs are generated
  • DeBurring face milled surfaces and DeBurring parts that have specific surface finish requirements
    • Stamping
    • Deburring Fineblanked Steel Parts

Applications of Disc Brushes Flat Surface Deburring
  • Deburring flat surfaces on machined components
  • Improving texture characteristics on machined or ground surfaces
  • Deburring face-milled castings or forgings
  • Blending tool marks after machining or grinding

Disc Brushes are Available in Following Diameters : 50,100,125,150,200,250.

Filaments are Made Of : 100% DUPONT TYNEX A

  • Abresive Disc Brush 01

  • Abresive Disc Brush 02